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Dry Skin On Penis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment


The skin on an individual’s penis is especially touchy, and dry skin might cause inconvenience. An individual might foster dry skin on the penis skin for some reasons, including unlubricated sex or masturbation, scraping garments, and utilization of cruel cleansers.

Dry skin on the penis without anyone else isn’t typically an indication of a physically communicated infection. Most instances of dry skin on the penis answer well to treatment. Home cures, for example, utilizing a characteristic cream or keeping away from brutal cleansers, frequently resolve the issue.

Symptoms Of Dry Skin On Penis

The skin on your penis could feel like your hands or different pieces of your body when they get dry. The skin may be tight, bothersome, flaky, or stripping. Truly dry skin on penis could break or feel bothered or difficult.

The dryness could reach out to the glans (tip) of the penis, and assuming you have a prepuce, that region could get into the demonstration as well.

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Causes Of Dry Skin On Penis

Dry skin on penis
Dry Skin On Penis


Assuming you have a hypersensitive response to plastic, spermicide, individual antiperspirant, or scent, you might encounter dry skin on the penis. Men who are hypersensitive to plastic may likewise have a red, bothersome rash, or expand on their penis subsequent to wearing a plastic condom. Other potential symptoms of a hypersensitive response are:

  • sniffling
  • wheezing
  • a runny nose
  • watery eyes

Use condoms that are sans plastic (like polyurethane or silicon) and not treated with spermicide.

Dry masturbation or sex

An absence of oil during delayed sexual movement, like masturbation or intercourse, may cause dry skin on the penis. Grease can make sex and masturbation more agreeable, and assist you with staying away from dryness.

Greases come in three kinds:

  • water-based
  • oil-based
  • silicone-based

Pick a synthetic-free or natural ointment, which will not contain parabens or glycerin, as these can likewise cause a disturbance. Water-based oils are to the least extent liable to cause bother.


Many sorts of dermatitis can influence the dry skin on the penis, including:

  • atopic skin inflammation
  • aggravation contact skin inflammation
  • Notwithstanding dry skin, dermatitis can likewise cause extreme tingling and knocks of various sizes under the skin.

On the off chance that you have never been determined to have dermatitis, request that your doctor allude to a dermatologist for a conclusive determination.

The first-line treatment for dermatitis is a low-strength skin corticosteroid. The skin on the penis will in general be more slender and more delicate than the skin on different pieces of your body, so make certain to adhere to your doctor’s directions and apply medicine cautiously.


The most well-known kind of psoriasis to influence the private parts, including the penis, is opposite psoriasis. At first, this shows up as dry, red sores on the skin. You may likewise see little red patches on the glans or shaft of your penis.

Your doctor might endorse a low-strength effective corticosteroid. On the off chance that effective corticosteroids are not fruitful in that frame of mind on the penis, bright light treatment might be recommended.

Drying cleansers

An extremely unforgiving cleanser or cleaning agent might dry out the skin on the penis. Consider washing your penis utilizing just water. To utilize a cleaning agent, ensure you pick an extremely gentle cleanser or even a child cleanser. Likewise, consider changing to a hypoallergenic clothing cleanser and cleansing agent.

Tight attire or scraping

Assuming that tight garments are continually worn around the genital region, they can scrape or rub against the skin, and lead to dryness. Tight clothing can likewise prompt the development of dampness under your prepuce, which can be a favorable place for organisms and increment the opportunity of disease.

Wear delicate, steady cotton clothing, and looser attire in light, breathable textures.

Yeast disease

A yeast disease can cause:

  • dryness and stripping skin
  • a rash
  • white patches on the skin
  • expanding or bothering around the top of the penis
  • a thick, lopsided release under the prepuce
  • It might likewise be agonizing to pee and have intercourse.

Keep the region dry and clean, and apply an over-the-counter antifungal cream according to the maker’s headings. For penile yeast contamination, you’ll need to apply the balm to the top of the penis and, in uncircumcised men, under the prepuce, until all side effects disappear. It might require as long as 10 days to recuperate completely.

Go without sex until all side effects have vanished.

On the off chance that your side effects endure or decline, ask for your doctor’s recommendation.


Balanitis is an irritation of the top of the penis that can cause side effects like redness, tingling, redness, and dry skin. Much of the time, balanitis is brought about by the Candida albicans parasite and isn’t viewed as a physically sent disease. Furthermore, balanitis can happen in more youthful young men and is most often seen in uncircumcised penises, as there is a more prominent potential for the gathering of release, dampness, and microorganisms underneath the prepuce.

What to do: Ensure satisfactory cleanliness rehearses, similar to normal purifying of the area and utilizing cotton-based textures. You ought to see your doctor for treatment in the event that it doesn’t determine, which can include the utilization of antifungals, anti-microbials, or corticosteroids. Dive more deeply into how balanitis is dealt with.

Treatment Of Dry Skin On Penis

You can assist with keeping away from dry skin on your penis by:

  • utilizing a gentle cleaning agent, or just water, rather than a cleanser to wash the penis
  • drying your penis appropriately in the wake of washing
  • utilizing items intended for touchy skin on the genital region
  • utilizing hypoallergenic clothing items on your garments
  • wearing delicate, baggy cotton clothing, and free garments
  • Drinking a lot of water to keep your body hydrated
  • Applying a penis-explicit cream after showers and showers

Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Penis

Utilizing regular creams, for example, coconut oil can assist with forestalling dry skin.

  • Contingent upon the reason for the dry skin, an individual might have to use over-the-counter (OTC) or recommended skin medicines.
  • A few home cures might have integral purposes close to other treatments. A specialist can furnish an individual with suggestions on which medicines and home cures will suit them best.
  • It is insightful to abstain from engaging in sexual relations or stroking off until the dry skin has begun to recuperate. Having intercourse might bother the penis skin further and dial back the mending system.
  • Legitimate hydration is an effective method for guaranteeing that the skin gets sufficient dampness from the inside. Utilizing normal lotions may likewise lessen dryness.
  • Coconut oil offers a characteristic method for lessening skin dryness all around the body, including the penis. Individuals can likewise use it as a back rub oil or regular oil. Consequences of a 2016 study by trusted sources propose that applying coconut oil might be a more powerful atopic dermatitis treatment than mineral oil.


Dry skin on the penis isn’t commonly an indication of a difficult condition. Normal makes are sensitivities synthetics in cleanser or cleanser, an excessive amount of contact, psoriasis, or dermatitis.

On the off chance that an individual encounters dry skin on the penis and doesn’t have a clue about the reason, they ought to see their doctor. It is especially essential to see a specialist on the off chance that dry skin on the penis happens close with different side effects.

Normally, individuals can treat dry skin on the penis either at home or with OTC skin medicines. Utilizing a characteristic cream, for example, coconut oil is a straightforward method for keeping up with skin wellbeing.

Making way of life changes might assist with keeping dry patches on the penis from returning. For instance, an individual can take a stab at lessening the utilization of individual cleansers, changing washing cleansers, and utilizing oil during sex or masturbation.

Dry Skin On Penis: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment(FAQs)

What is the reason for dry skin?

Dry skin, otherwise called xerosis or xeroderma, has many causes, including cold or dry climate, sun harm, unforgiving cleansers, and overbathing.

What are the side effects of dry skin on penis?

Assuming you have dry skin on your penis, you might encounter any of the accompanying symptoms:
tight skin, especially after washing or swimming
tingling, chipping, or stripping skin.
redness of the skin.
a rash on the skin.
scarcely discernible differences or breaks on the skin
profound breaks on the skin that might drain.

What is the treatment for dry skin on penis?

To treat dry skin on the penis is very easy:
utilize regular, non-organic washing cleansers.
try not to utilize unforgiving individual cleansers.
wash the penis consistently with warm water and just a modest quantity of gentle cleanser.
wear cotton clothing and steady, however not excessively close, clothing.
use grease to decrease grating during joined forces or solo sex.
keep the skin saturated.

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