Innie vs outie Vagina: How they are Different?

What is an outie vagina?

  1. This happens when the labia minora (the inward vaginal lips) reaches out past the labia majora (the external vaginal lips).
  2. This vaginal appearance isn’t usually portrayed in workmanship or even porn, yet an outie vagina is completely typical.
  3. Outie vaginas likewise contrast.
  4. They can change in size, shape, variety, and length of the labia. Some might be more extensive, while others might be longer.
  5. They might have an even or lopsided appearance.
  6. Individuals might see contrasts in hair development, smell, and variety.
  7. Like innie vaginas, no two outies are something very similar, and numerous varieties are ordinary for all intents and purposes.
  8. An “outie vagina” is a term that alludes to a vulva with the inward lips noticeable.
  9. It is totally common and exceptionally normal — around 56% of individuals with vulvas might have an “outie.”
  10. It’s likewise typical to have external labia that stick out, asymmetrical labia, and a bigger clitoris, from there, the sky is the limit.
what is an outie vagina
What is an outie vagina?

What is an Innie vagina?

  1. On the occasion of an innie vulva, the external labia are bigger or “puffier” and cover the internal labia and the clitoral hood.
  2. Similarly, as with outies, it can vary with weight gain or misfortune, and with chemical changes including pregnancy.
  3. Innie vaginas are unique.
  4. They can differ in size, shape, variety, and length of labia.
  5. Likewise, the labia might be near the opening or farther away.
  6. Hair development, length, width, and smell can all differ, as well. No two vaginas are something very similar.
  7. Having an innie vagina implies the labia majora (the external “lips) are more conspicuous than the “internal lips”- or the labia minora. An innie can shift in shape, variety, and length.
  8. Your labia can likewise be on the thicker side or more slender side.
  9. Labia minora (inward labia): Protects the clitoris and can change in variety, shape, and size.
  10. Since there are veins encompassing the inward labia, they are hazier in variety.
  11. They become bigger with expanded excitement during sex.
  12. An innie is where your external labia projects more than your internal labia, so you don’t actually see within stuff or perhaps you don’t consider within stuff to be a lot.
What is an Innie vagina

Innie vs. outie vagina: How they are Differences?

Innie vs. outie vagina, Both “innie” and “outie” vaginas are normal physiological phenomena and nothing to worry about All external genitalia will have a somewhat unique shape.

Some people may refer to their vagina as an “innie” or “outie”. However, these are not recognized as clinical terms.

The vagina is inside the body When people use the above terms instead of referring to the vagina, they are actually describing the labia. These are the external parts of the genitals.

The accompanying article will examine what a person needs to be familiar with in the presence of external designs of the vulva.

Genital Anatomical Structures

Understanding life structures is a significant piece of finding out about the distinctions between an innie and outie vagina.

These specific terms might be misdirecting, nonetheless, as they allude to the outside genitalia Trusted Source, or the vulva, not the vagina. The differentiation between the vagina and vulva is like that of the mouth and lips.

The National Vulvodynia Association characterizes the vulva as beyond the female genitalia that safeguards the sexual organs, vagina, and urinary opening from disease. The outside genitalia comprises many parts, including the labia majora, mons pubis, labia minora, clitoris, and vestibule.

At the point when individuals allude to an innie or outie vagina, they are normally alluding to the labia majora and labia minora. Certain individuals may likewise allude to these pieces of the vulva as the “lips.” The labia majora are the bigger or external lipsTrusted Source, and the labia minora are the more modest or inward lips.

As per one 2017 review, 56% of vulvas have noticeable labia minora. This recommends that it is similarly considered normal to have apparent labia, or an outie vagina, for all intents and purposes to have stowed away labia, or an innie vagina.

Outie Vagina vs Innie Vagina 1

As referenced over, the vagina is really situated inside the body’s rusted Source. It carries out a few functionsTrusted Source, including extending for labor, filling in as a path for feminine blood, and obliging entrance during sex.

Labia Minora And Labia Majora

Both innie and outie vaginas are similarly normal, albeit a few investigations recommend that more than half of ladies have outies. The length of the labia minora and labia majora decides if an individual has an innie or outie vagina.

  • Labia minora (internal labia): Protects the clitoris and can fluctuate in variety, shape, and size. Since there are veins encompassing the inward labia, they are more obscure in variety. They become bigger with expanded feelings during sex.
  • Labia majora (external labia): Equivalent to the male scrotum and safeguards the other sexual organs. They produce sweat to assist with controlling the internal heat levels.

At the point when the labia minora projects out of the labia majora, an individual is said to have an outie vagina. This is totally typical.

Types of Vagina

  • Innie vaginas are unique. They can differ in size, shape, variety, and length of the labia. Likewise, the labia might be near the opening or farther away.
  • Hair development, length, width, and scent can all shift, as well. No two vaginas are something similar.
  • Outie vaginas likewise contrast. They can shift in size, shape, variety, and length of the labia. Some might be more extensive, while others might be longer. They might have a balanced or lopsided appearance.
  • Individuals might see contrasts in hair development, smell, and variety. Like innie vaginas, no two outies are something similar, and numerous varieties are typical for all intents and purposes.

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Ordinary Shape And Size Of Labia

At the point when individuals notice vaginal appearance (“disproportionate” etc.), they’re generally discussing the labia, or “vaginal lips.”

The meaty external lips of the vulva are known as the labia majora. The inward lips, which ordinarily lead the way to the vaginal opening, are known as the labia minora.

Regardless of whether your labia take after a typical “type,” they presumably have varieties that make them remarkable. A few labia have qualities related to different sorts and can’t be confined to one explicit classification.

Need to draw a nearer look? Snatch a handheld mirror and head off to someplace private. Utilize this opportunity to investigate your life structures and get familiar with your body.

  • Topsy-turvy internal lips:
    In the event that one internal lip is longer, thicker, or bigger than the other, it’s viewed as deviated. It’s entirely normal for vulvas to have labia minora that aren’t even.
  • Bended external lips:
    Consider your external lips like a horseshoe turned over — a round bend that meets equally toward the end. At the point when this occurs, it generally allows the inward lips to stay uncovered. They could conceivably reach out beneath your labia majora.
  • Unmistakable inward lips:
    Generally, the inward lips are longer than and stick out from the external lips. This distinction long might be more unobtrusive, with the internal lips scarcely looking out, or it could be more articulated.
  • Conspicuous external lips:
    Conspicuous external lips sit a lot lower on your vulva. The skin might be thick and puffy or meager and a piece free — or some in the middle between.
  • Long, hanging internal lips:
    These are a type of unmistakable internal lips. They can hang up to an inch (or more) past your external lips. They might try and hang outside your clothing. You might see a touch of additional skin or extra overlays.
  • Long, hanging external lips:
    These are a type of conspicuous external lips. They’re normally on the bigger side, frequently leaving the skin slender and free. Similarly, as with hanging internal lips, it’s workable for the folds to hang outside your clothing. This might give your inward lips somewhat more openness.
  • Little, open external lips:
    The external lips are level and lean against your pubic bone, yet they’re isolated marginally, showing your labia minora.
  • Little, shut external lips:
    The external lips, for this situation, aren’t separate, so they disguise and contain your inward lips totally. Albeit this kind of vulva is generally found in grown-up amusement, it’s really the most un-normal sort of vulva by and large.
  • Noticeable internal lips:
    With this kind, the internal and external lips are normally a similar size. Your inward lips aren’t noticeable, in light of the fact that they’re hanging outside the external folds; they’re apparent on the grounds that the external overlays normally sit or pull toward one or the other side. They can ordinarily be seen from the top to the lower part of your external lips.

What’s the typical length and width?

There isn’t a lot of information accessible on labial estimations, however, the latest review from 2018 Trusted Source was the biggest and most far-reaching such a long way on outer genitalia length.

The cross-sectional review, which included 657 members between the ages of 15 and 84, reconfirmed a few discoveries from past examinations.

For example, there’s a relationship between’s weight record (BMI) and labial major size. The specialists likewise found an association between vaginal conveyance and major labial length.

Their outcomes propose the accompanying for the typical labia:

  • The right labia majora is 79.71 millimeters (mm), or around 3.1 inches (in), long.
  • The left labia majora is 79.99 mm (simply over 3.1 in) long.
  • The right labia minora is 42.1 mm (around 1.6 in) long and 13.4 mm (around 0.5 in) wide.
  • The left labia minora is 42.97 mm (around 1.7 in) long and 14.15 mm (simply over 0.5 in) wide.

While the biggest of its sort, the review had limits:

  • It incorporated a modest quantity of cisgender ladies in the 75 to 84 age bunch because of qualification and readiness — or rather a deficiency in that department — to take part in the review.
  • The specialists deliberately remembered just white people for the request to make an enormous homogenous gathering without ethnic variety.

The review laid out the variety in sizes across various ages and body measures and featured how different solid vulvas can look.

Notwithstanding what the typical size might be, if your labia minora or Majora is particularly delicate or inclined to agony and uneasiness, you might be encountering side effects of labial hypertrophy. This is the clinical term for broadened labia.

Labial hypertrophy seldom causes side effects, yet for some’s purposes, it can make purifying troublesome or awkward, and it might at last prompt contamination.

On the off chance that this sounds natural, counsel a medical services proficient (HCP). They can survey your side effects and prompt you on any subsequent stages.

Does having an innie or outie vagina change the sensation?

It is far-fetched that somebody will encounter any progressions in sensation. The outer genitalia assumes a crucial part in sexual fulfillment, yet the size of the labia is probably not going to modify sexual sensation.

Having an outie vagina is ordinary and improbable to disrupt everyday capability.

At times, somebody might encounter labial hypertrophy, wherein the labia minora are lopsidedly bigger, and this might cause issues with personal satisfaction.

With this condition, individuals might encounter changes in sensation, for example,

  • torment during sports and different exercises
  • disturbance
  • improved probability of disease
  • trouble cleaning the labia

Certain individuals may likewise have identity awareness. For instance, they might feel awkward as a result of a lump under their dress or clothing.

Albeit the labia cause no issues much of the time, sensations of humiliation might make certain individuals look for corrective labiaplasty, which is a technique to lessen the size of the labia minora.

Could it be said that one is better compared to the next?
Neither an innie nor an outie vagina is better compared to the next. As a matter of fact, as per some examination, they are both typical, and there is a marginally higher event of outies than innies.

One 2018 study trusted source exploring the presence of vulvas having a place with white individuals matured 15-84 years tracked down a wide assortment of aspects and portrayals of the outside genitalia. There will probably be as much change in the presence of vulvas in individuals of any nationality.

Each vulva is exceptional. There is no obvious explanation for why anybody ought to feel humiliated, unique, or embarrassed about how their vulva looks.

Albeit a few people might stress over the size of their labia, there is typically no reason to worry. The size of an individual’s labia is just an issue on the off chance that it starts to influence their working, social, or wearing life.

What else is there to do in the event that I’m discontent with how my labia look?

The presence of every vulva is novel.

Having an outie vagina is totally typical, and these might be more normal. Anybody who has an awkward outlook on the presence of their genitalia might wish to consider looking for help in tolerating their body for what it’s worth.

There are numerous choices to consider to assist an individual with feeling more OK with their body’s appearance.

For instance, the Labia Library contains pictures of various vulvas. The mark of the exhibition is to show individuals that there is no right way that a vulva ought to look and that each has its own exceptional appearance.

Another choice that might be useful to an individual vibe more agreeable is to investigate and turn out to be more acquainted with their body. One more seasoned study, from 1991, recommends that wedded ladies who jerk off have higher confidence and a few other sexual advantages than those who don’t.

Any individual who has an unsure outlook on the presence of their genitalia might wish to think about conversing with a specialist regarding their sentiments.

A sexual specialist might have the option to assist an individual with feeling more OK with their appearance. Certain individuals may likewise find that discussing their interests with their accomplices can help.

Certain individuals might consider a labiaplasty. Albeit this choice is accessible, it isn’t required for the vast majority. A labiaplasty can assist with decreasing the size of the labia minora for individuals who experience torment and inconvenience from the distending labia.


Innie and outie vaginas depict the manner in which the vulva looks outwardly. Somebody might say that they have an outie vagina when the labia minora seem bigger than the labia majora. This is completely ordinary.

Individuals might have a reluctant outlook on how their vulva looks. There are multiple ways of further developing self-perception, remembering diving more deeply into the potential varieties of the shapes and sizes of vulvas.

An individual may likewise wish to consider treatment to assist themselves with feeling greater in their own body.

Outie Vagina, vs Innie Vagina(FAQs)

What’s the significance here when you have an outie VAG?

An outie vagina is an epithet for when the internal labia stick out farther than the external labia. This is a sort of vulva that is totally ordinary and ought not to be a clinical reason to worry.

Is it abnormal to have an outie?

Whether your child has an innie or an outie stomach button is because of possibility. You won’t know immediately what direction your child’s paunch button will head, however, both innies and outies are solid. In most cases, an outie is totally ordinary and not of clinical concern.

How would you dispose of an outie?

Ought to an outie be amended? An outie midsection button is a restorative issue and doesn’t need a medical procedure. Granulomas should be blessed to receive keep away from contamination. Hernias normally vanish all alone and those that don’t can be treated with a straightforward surgery after the age of 4 or 5.

Might you at any point change your outie to an innie?

Umbilicoplasty is a plastic medical procedure system that can reshape both the innie and outie gut buttons, in spite of the fact that it likewise can be reshaped during a stomach fold. Outie-to-innie medical procedure frequently permits individuals to be more OK with their bodies and lifts a patient’s fearlessness and confidence.

Could you at any point pick innie or outie?

Whether you end up with an innie or an outie is normally a question of possibility. The vast majority end up with innies, yet certain individuals have outies. Outies typically happen when a greater amount of the umbilical string is left when it’s cut, prompting more skin left over once it dries out.

Is an outie a hernia?

An “outie” is commonly a paunch button with a little umbilical hernia. Umbilical hernias are more normal in newborn children and in specific populations, including untimely babies and blacks. Most umbilical hernias in newborn children are little and close suddenly, ordinarily inside two or three years.

Do all children have Outies?

Around 20% of all babies have an “outie,” likewise called an umbilical hernia. This is a lump brought about by the umbilical rope as it enters the child’s midsection. After birth, as the umbilical line mends and tumbles off, the opening to the midsection normally closes unexpectedly.

Are Innies or Outies more normal?

Innie tummy buttons are considerably more typical than outies. Be that as it may, more often than not, outie development is just a result of pure chance. However, a couple of exemptions exist. Children with specific ailments that influence the stomach button are bound to have outies.

How might I keep away from an outie during pregnancy?

Your recent outie navel could get bothered from scouring against your garments. Have a go at utilizing an extraordinarily planned midsection button cover or a pregnancy support item, similar to a belly sleeve or stomach shaper, to safeguard a jumped-out navel.

Will my outie return to an innie after pregnancy?

Few out of every odd mother-to-be who had an innie gets an outtie, and now and then it’s more similar to a level navel. Also, the uplifting news is, in pretty much every case it’ll have returned to an innie after the child comes and your paunch recoils back to typical (or near it).

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