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Lamictal Rash: Symptoms, Causes, Effective Treatment, And Prevention

What Is Lamictal Rash?

Lamotrigine (Lamictal) is a prescription that is utilized to treat epilepsy, bipolar confusion, neuropathic agony, and sorrow. Certain individuals foster a Lamictal rash while taking it. It works by directing outrageous varieties in temperament and is especially useful in treating serious melancholy.

The drug has delighted in far-reaching use since its presentation in 1994. Today, it is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medications.

Notwithstanding its demonstrated advantages, Lamictal has its drawbacks. In certain people, Lamictal has been known to cause a hypersensitivity response set apart by extreme rash and irritation.

Around 10% of individuals, or 1 of every 10 clients, will encounter a rash. This aftereffect might be more normal in individuals who likewise take valproate, including divalproex sodium and valproic corrosive, which are additionally against epileptic prescriptions.

A Lamictal rash normally shows up within something like two months of beginning treatment. It typically disappears all alone when the prescription is halted, with no other serious incidental effects.

Lamictal Rash
Lamictal Rash

In a few individuals, demonstrated to be somewhere in the range of 0.08 and 1.3 percent, the lamictal rash can become perilous and conceivably hazardous.

The gamble of a serious lamictal rash is expanded in the event that an individual is likewise taking another medicine, and it is more normal in youngsters matured 2 to 16 years.

This tracking down drove the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give a black box cautioning exhorting purchasers about this interesting yet possibly lethal response.

An individual who fosters a lamictal rash within the initial two months of taking lamotrigine ought to promptly tell their doctor.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lamictal Rash?

It’s essential to perceive the distinctions between a gentle lamictal rash and one that requires crisis treatment. The side effects of a gentle rash brought about by Lamictal are:

  • hives
  • tingling
  • expanding

While a lamictal rash with these symptoms is probably not perilous, still tell your doctor so they can screen you for some other secondary effects.

The gamble of getting a serious rash from Lamictal is low. As per the Epilepsy Foundation, clinical preliminaries showed that the gamble is just 0.3 percent for grown-ups and 1 percent for youngsters under 16 years old. It’s as yet critical to know the side effects in light of the fact that a serious rash from Lamictal can be lethal.

These more serious symptoms can include:

  • fever
  • joint torment
  • muscle torment
  • general distress
  • enlarging of the lymph hubs around the neck
  • high count of eosinophils (a kind of safe cell) in the blood

In extremely uncommon cases, you might foster Stevens-Johnson disorder or harmful epidermal necrolysis while taking Lamictal. The symptoms of these circumstances are:

  • stripping
  • rankles
  • sepsis
  • numerous organ disappointment

On the off chance that you foster any sort of rash while taking Lamictal, contact your doctor right away. In the event that you have symptoms of a more serious lamictal rash, seek crisis treatment quickly.

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Lamictal Rash

What Are Complications Of Lamictal Rash?

For by far most individuals, a rash from Lamictal requires no treatment other than halting this drug. In different cases, the lamictal rash could flag a serious ailment.

Two serious confusions, Stevens-Johnson condition, and poisonous epidermal necrolysis happen in just 0.04 percent of individuals or 1 in each 2,500 taking lamotrigine.

The presence of a serious rash subsequent to taking Lamictal could demonstrate:

DRESS’s disorder

DRESS disorder is an uncommon medication incidental effect that remains inadequately comprehended. Any medication can cause this condition.

Specialists believe that hereditary variables might assume a part in who creates DRESS. Infections, for example, Epstein-Barr, which causes the disease known as mono, could likewise build the gamble.

DRESS causes far-reaching side effects. The body responds by delivering too many white platelets, which can bring about serious influenza-like side effects. Left untreated, DRESS can cause liver or cardiovascular breakdown and can be deadly in around 10% of individuals.

Harmful epidermal necrolysis

Harmful epidermal necrolysis is a serious response that can make the skin strip off. This can cause serious diseases.

Side effects might include:

  • extremely excruciating skin
  • a fever
  • stripping skin
  • eye disturbance
  • a red area of skin that spreads rapidly

The side effects emulate those of extreme consumption. Indeed, even with early treatment, this problem might be deadly in around 10% of individuals.

Stevens-Johnson disorder

Stevens-Johnson disorder is an uncommon and conceivably serious response to lamotrigine. Around 50% of determinations are because of drugs, yet it can likewise be brought about by diseases and immunization.

Side effects of Stevens-Johnson disorder include:

  • influenza-like signs
  • purple rankles
  • red and enlarged eyes
  • a hack
  • a rash covering under 10% of the body

Left untreated, Stevens-Johnson can cause sight misfortune, and consume harm to the skin and mucous films. It can likewise be deadly.

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What Are The Causes Of Lamictal Rash?

Individuals under 17 are bound to have a response to Lamictal than grown-ups. Likewise, there are various elements that can improve the probability of an unfriendly response:4

  • Taking more than the suggested portion while beginning treatment
  • Expanding the portion excessively fast while beginning as opposed to inclining up progressively
  • Halting treatment and beginning again at the typical full portion
  • Taking the prescriptions Depakene (valproic corrosive) or Depakote (sodium valproate) related to Lamictal

It ought to be called attention, notwithstanding, that excessive touchiness can some of the time happen regardless of whether you are accepting the medication as endorsed. While hereditary elements seem to play a part,5 the causes are some of the time idiopathic (implying that we basically don’t have the foggiest idea about the explanation).

As per the FDA’s exploration, there is around a three-overlay expansion in risk on the off chance that you accept Lamictal when contrasted with other temperament stabilizers. Assuming you are under 16, the gamble will encourage double.1

It is vital to note, in any case, that not all excessive touchiness responses will wind up with SJS. Placing everything into viewpoint, there is truly just a 0.1% opportunity of such an occasion happening.

Eventually, it was the seriousness of the response, as well as the accessibility of other mindsets balancing out drugs, that educated the FDA choice as much as the measurable gamble itself.

When To See A Doctor?

A response to medicine generally warrants a call to the specialist. The beginning phases of extreme inconveniences can seem to be a minor lamictal rash, so telling a specialist instantly about pretty much all symptoms are significant.

Individuals ought to go to the trauma center right away in the event that they have serious side effects, including:

  • stripping skin
  • a high fever
  • influenza-like side effects
  • vision changes

Postponing treatment for even a couple of hours can jeopardize an individual’s life.

How To Treat Lamictal Rash?

Treatment includes the prompt cessation of Lamictal and the utilization of strong treatments to treat the aggravation, forestall contamination, and guarantee that the individual remaining parts are appropriately hydrated.

The skin harm is treated likewise to a warm consumption. Corticosteroids are ordinarily used to decrease aggravation.

  • Stevens-Johnson condition treatment includes hospitalization and steady consideration to oversee side effects.
  • Poisonous epidermal necrolysis additionally requires hospitalization and may require the organization of liquids, intravenous anti-toxins, as well as resistant treatment.
  • DRESS’s disorder might require hospitalization, contingent upon the seriousness of the condition. Different medicines might be required in the event that they experience different confusions like liver or kidney disappointment.

Except if you’re certain the lamictal rash isn’t connected with it, you ought to quit taking Lamictal right away and contact your doctor. It’s basically impossible to let know if a gentle rash will transform into something more serious. Contingent upon your response, your primary care physician might bring down your portion of or remove you from the medicine.

Your doctor may likewise give you oral corticosteroids or allergy meds to assist with controlling the response and perform tests to check whether any of your organs are impacted.

How To Prevent A Rash From Lamictal?

You must educate your doctor concerning some other prescriptions you’re taking before you begin taking Lamictal. In the event that you’re taking valproate, you’ll be beginning a lower portion of Lamictal. On the off chance that you’ve had any responses to another enemy of epilepsy drugs, ensure you tell your doctor.

Since rapidly expanding your portion is a gamble factor for having a response to Lamictal, you ought to follow the dose recommended by your doctor cautiously. Try not to begin taking a higher portion of Lamictal without conversing with your primary care physician first. At the point when you begin taking Lamictal, ensure you see precisely the amount to take and when to take it.


Individuals with a Lamictal rash will typically get better when they quit taking the medication. Yet, inconveniences can be serious, so it means a lot to screen for indications of a rash.

Individuals with conditions, for example, epilepsy who are as of now not ready to utilize Lamictal can frequently change to another medication. They might be firmly observed for indications of another response.

Lamictal Rash: Symptoms, Causes, Effective Treatment, And Prevention(FAQs)

What does a Lamictal rash resemble?

What does the start of a Lamictal rash seem to be? The rash is portrayed by red rankles, frequently around the mouth or face, yet in addition to different regions of the body. Individuals may likewise see tingling, hives, or a general sensation of unwellness.

When is a Lamictal rash serious?

The rash reaches from a gentle inconvenience to a perhaps hazardous confusion. An individual who fosters a rash within the initial two months of taking lamotrigine ought to promptly tell the doctor.

Does rash from Lamictal disappear?

Lamotrigine rashes are commonly unfavorably susceptible in nature, introduced as basic, harmless morbilliform rashes with beginning between 5 days and two months after treatment commencement; the rashes will generally vanish inside a couple of days after the drug is halted.

What sort of rash does lamotrigine cause?

Stevens-Johnson disorder is an interesting symptom of lamotrigine. It causes influenza-like side effects, trailed by a red or purple rash that spreads and structures rankle.

When does Lamictal rash begin?

A rash that happens in the initial five days of taking lamotrigine is presumably nondrug related however in any case, the patient ought to quit taking the medication and contact their doctor or specialist as it might in any case address lamotrigine (excessive touchiness type) response with potential inward organ contribution.

Where does Steven Johnson’s rash begin?

Side effects of Stevens-Johnson condition
Credit: The rash ordinarily begins in the chest area before rapidly spreading to the face, arms, legs, and different regions of the body, like the private parts. It’s not normally irritating. Rankles then show up on your skin, which burst to leave agonizing injuries.

What are the indications of lamotrigine’s harmfulness?

Poisonous side effects are side effects experienced when the blood Lamictal level is excessively high. Poisonous side effects can incorporate tiredness, incoordination, slurred discourse, tipsiness, migraine, and unconsciousness.

What is the most well-known result of lamotrigine?

Lamotrigine might cause obscured vision, twofold vision, awkwardness, instability, tipsiness, or sleepiness. Try not to drive or do anything more that could be perilous until you know what this medication means for you. Assuming that these responses are particularly vexatious, check with your doctor.

How normal is a rash from Lamictal?

The gamble of getting a serious rash from Lamictal is low. As per the Epilepsy Foundation, clinical preliminaries showed that the gamble is just 0.3 percent for grown-ups and 1 percent for youngsters under 16 years old. It’s as yet vital to know the side effects in light of the fact that a serious rash from Lamictal can be lethal.

How rapidly does Stevens-Johnson’s disorder progress?

Inside around 1 to 3 days, a red or purplish rash structures, and afterward, the skin starts to rankle and strip, prompting “crude” areas of skin that are excruciating. This frequently begins on the face and afterward spreads to different pieces of the body.

Might I at any point take Benadryl with Lamictal?

Cooperations between your medications
Utilizing diphenhydrAMINE along with lamoTRIgine might increment aftereffects like discombobulation, sleepiness, disarray, and trouble concentrating. Certain individuals, particularly the old, may likewise encounter impedance in thinking, judgment, and engine coordination.

Does Lamictal make you irritated?

Assuming you foster any of the accompanying side effects while you are taking lamotrigine, call your doctor right away: careless; rankling or stripping of the skin; hives; tingling; or difficult bruises in your mouth or around your eyes. Converse with your primary care physician about the dangers of taking lamotrigine or of giving lamotrigine to your youngster.

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